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Awarded the British Business Award (BBA)

November 11, 2016

at Hilton Tokyo

JAOS won the award in the UK-Japan Partnership category of the British Business Award (BBA) ceremony of the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ)!
This was the first time that the initiative of “British short-term study abroad campaign for middle and high school students” campaigned by the British Council and JAOS campaign was evaluated and selected by BCCJ’s BBA selection committee. The trophy was given by the British Ambassador to Japan Mr. Yamada to Mr. Matt Burney, the representative of the British Council in Japan.
Organized by The British Camber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ)
Photo of the British Business Award Award ceremony

JAOS Business Seminar in Osaka “The study abroad industry in five years’ time and current trends of Japanese studying abroad”

October 3, 2016

at Ryugaku Journal cnference room (Osaka)

In the first part of the two-part seminar, JAOS Executive Secretary Hoshino commented on “trends in studying abroad in Japan”. The second part was a Panel Discussion with the theme of “Analyzing the Study Abroad Market in Five Years”, where panelists Vice Chairman Kato (Study Abroad Journal Vice President) and Mr. Horie (Global Study) spoke about the future of the study abroad business. Participants also asked questions and actively exchanged views on the future of the study abroad business.

JAOS study abroad business seminar “Learning from examples of crisis management in the study abroad business”

September 14, 2016

at Zenken Plaza conference room

With the growing need for global human resources and much attention being paid to studying abroad, the environment surrounding studying abroad such as terrorism, disturbances occurring in various parts of the world, bankruptcy of educational institutions, increase of natural disasters, etc. is getting more harsh. From the viewpoint of crisis management, panelists spoke about preparation for these risks. Panelists: Yoshiko Fujinaga (President of the Japan Association for Certified Study Abroad Counselors (JACSAC), Executive Officer of the York International Study Abroad Center / Study Abroad Counselor), Yukari Nakatsuji (How to Walk the World, Co., Ltd. T & E Study Abroad / Travel Division Study Abroad CS Department Manager and Client Consultation Office General Manager of Service Management, External Affairs Officer), Mr. Atsuhiko Mushi (Director of East Travel Insurance Service Center, AIU General Insurance Co., Ltd.).

JAOS Study Abroad Business Seminar “Analyzing the study abroad industry in five years’ time” ②

July 12, 2016

at Zenken Plaza conference room

Under the theme of “Hear from industry leaders: “Analyzing the study abroad industry in five years’ time”~ The study abroad market after the Tokyo Olympics~”, Ms. Yukari Kato (Vice President of study abroad journal) Mr. Akihisa Yamazoe (Daily Education Inc. Managing Director) and Mr. Masakazu Manabe (CEO, DEOW Co., Ltd.) held a panel discussion.

Workshop at the American Embassy for JAOS members

July 8, 2016

at American Embassy

· Learn the latest information on visa application essential to the procedure to study abroad in the United States
· Find out the appeals and trends of studying abroad in the USA
· Meet with the US Embassy Department of Commerce Department and Visa Section and hear from them directly

2016 JAOS spring general meeting

June 22, 2016

at Shinjuku Nomura Building (Shinjuku, Tokyo)

The 2016 JAOS spring general meeting was held with 45 organizations (including five attending by proxy) and 65 individuals in attendance. After explanations of the 2016 business plan by the executive secretary and the financial statement from  Mr. Nakano who is JAOS auditors and Accountants, each management committee presented an activity report and explanation of its schedule for the upcoming season. During the break period, business cards were exchanged, and a free discussion was held, resulting in a exchange of information and vigorous opinions. At the study session, Ms. Nishikawa from MEXT Tobidate Study Abroad Program gave an update on the program, and the past scholarship recipient student presented his own personal experiences.

JAOS study abroad business seminar: “Forecasting Study Abroad Industry Five Years Ahead” 1)

June 14, 2016

at Zenken Plaza conference room1

“Forecasting Study Abroad Industry Five Years Later” is the first of a two-part series, the second part being entitled “The Market for Overseas Study After the Tokyo Olympics.” After the great success of JAOS’s two-part seminar—consisting of JAOS Executive Secretary Tatsuhiko Hoshino’s seminar “Trends in Study Abroad Among Japanese Students: A Statistical View” and a lecture by JAOS Chairman Masaru Yamada. A post-seminar get-together was held where participants mingled and exchanged business cards.

JAOS assists in Summer English Study in UK fair for junior and senior high school students hosted by the British Council

April 23 & May 14, 2016

British Council

The British Council and JAOS collaboratively promote “UK Summer study for teens”. Information sessions for each course and a UK English study abroad seminar by the British Council were held. Host: British Council

“JAOS Teams with British Council to Promote Summer Middle-School English-Language Overseas Study Program in England”

JAOS has teamed with the British Council to launch a promotional campaign to raise public awareness of overseas English-language study programs for middle-school students. The foundation of this campaign will be the introduction of an overseas study program in which middle-school students can participate during their summer vacations. The program is offered in cooperation with seven schools teaching British English certified by the British Council and six overseas study agencies that are members of JAOS.

JAOS study abroad business management seminar: “Finance and Business Development”

March 15, 2016

at Zenken Plaza conference room

This seminar is targeted toward professionals on the management level in the overseas study industry. JAOS chairman Masaru Yamada spoke at the event. The seminar examined the fundraising challenges and relationships with financial institutions encountered at each stage, from launch to growth, and introduce IPOs and MBOs.

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