Activity report

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2004 JAOS Autumn General Meeting

December 9-10, 2004

At Hotel New Akao in Atami

The Autumn General Meeting was attended by 28 individuals representing 33 companies (9 of which were present by proxy). 1 new regular member organization was formally admitted into JAOS. Each task team presented their recent activities. The ‘JAOS Model Terms and Conditions for Overseas Language Studies,’ which was researched over a difficult three-year period by the Model Term and Condition Task Team, was presented and eventually adopted after being slightly edited and actively discussed.

JAOS Presentation on the Theme, ‘The Merits of Using Study Abroad Agencies’ at the U.K. Overseas Study Fair Organized by the British Council

October 2-3, 2004

at Tokyo International Forum

At the 2004 JAOS Spring General Meeting, it was decided that JAOS should work more directly with overseas schools as well as the embassies of various countries in order to break the inaccurate perception that study abroad agencies act merely as recruiters for overseas study. As a first step, JAOS made a well-received presentation on the numerous merits of using an agency at a U.K. Overseas Study Fair organized by the British Council, which has long been supportive of JAOS’ efforts.

Participation in JAFSA (Japan Network for International Education)

At the 2004 JAOS Spring General Meeting, JAOS decided to become a participating member of the Japan Network for International Education (JAFSA) from June 14, 2004. JAFSA is a non-profit educational organization that consists of 190 members, most of whom are educators from universities, colleges and other educational organizations. JAFSA’s primary activities include the research, exchange, publishing, distribution and advancement of information on international educational exchange and training programs. JAOS expects to have a multifaceted and active informational exchange with JAFSA.

2004 JAOS Spring Formal General Meeting

May 11, 2004

at Shibuya Forum 8 in Tokyo

The Spring General Meeting was attended by 33 member companies represented by 24 individuals (9 organizations represented via proxy). One new organization as well as one new support organization were approved and admitted into JAOS. Considering that this was JAOS’ first meeting since becoming an NPO, many issues were raised during the discussion, which saw many ideas actively exchanged. Resolutions included the setting up of a ‘consumer consultation booth’, conducting initial preparation for a ‘Study Abroad Program Advisor’ licensing system (training and testing),’ participation in JAFSA, and the use of a new JAOS logotype.

JAOS Becomes an NPO Specific Non-Profit Educational Foundation

At the 2003 Spring General Meeting, it was decided that JAOS would begin making a transition to become an NPO (Non-Profit Organization). On March 27, 2004, this resolution was officially approved by the Japanese Government’s cabinet office, and JAOS became classified as an NPO Specific Non-Profit Educational Foundation.

2003 7th JAOS-ERA Meeting

January 27, 2004

at British Council in Tokyo

At the 2003 JAOS-ERA (Educational Representatives Association of Embassies in Tokyo) meeting, past study abroad trends were reported by both ERA (Educational Representatives Association of Embassies) and JAOS. ERA also presented a yearly schedule of events. In consideration of JAOS’ future role as a functioning organization, an active discussion took place concerning the responsibilities of study abroad agencies in regards to recruiting, organization of pre-departure orientations, post-study follow up, and the handling of customer complaints. Much time was also spent discussing screening methods for our member confirmation purposes. 32 JAOS members and 10 ERA members (from the American Embassy, Japan-U.S. Educational Commission, Australian Embassy, Embassy of Ireland, New Zealand Embassy, and British Council) attended the meeting. In addition, in consideration of future cooperative possibilities, members of the Association of International Education, Japan (AIEJ) (now Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)) also attended. Lastly, the Japan Network for International Education (JAFSA) participated as an observer.