Activity report

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2003 JAOS Autumn General Meeting

November 27-28, 2003

at Hotel New Akao in Atami

The Autumn General Meeting was host to 24 participants representing 32 member companies (11 represented by proxy). 1 new organization was approved and admitted into JAOS. Each task team reported on recent developments and activities. Furthermore, due to time restraints, the Model Term and Condidtion Task Team focused on the issue of cancellation policies for short-term language study programs, as this is the largest overseas study market. In addition, the Organizational Operations Task Team reported that JAOS’ application to certify the establishment of an NPO Educational Foundation had been submitted.

U.S. Visa Seminar

July 18, 2003

at US Embassy in Tokyo

Once a year, JAOS holds a study seminar concerning the various procedural changes and informational updates issued regarding U.S. entry visas, in cooperation with the Public Affairs Section (PAS) of the US Embassy in Tokyo. On August 1, 2003, visa application procedure changed drastically (all visa applicants must now be interviewed). Even at the US Embassy, this created much confusion. JAOS members received the latest information concerning changes in the visa application process. JAOS was also informed that from now on, the U.S. Embassy plans to cooperate closely with JAOS in order to smooth out the various visa procedures, which in the long-term will be beneficial to both JAOS and the US Embassy.

JAOS General-Meeting Spring

June 12, 2003

at US Embassy in Tokyo

The Autumn General Meeting was host to 25 participants representing 32 member companies (9 represented by proxy). Three new organizations were admitted into JAOS. The Secretary General presented the JAOS fiscal year report ending March of 2003. The achievements of the special Task Teams were also reported. A lot of attention was paid to the activities of the Guideline Team, who are currently researching the building of a ‘Model Terms and Conditions’ for short-term language study (also referred to as ‘standardized agreement’. In addition, the following committee name changes and future committee activities were assigned to each task team: Guideline Team: – Aiming for self-imposed restriction in the overseas study industry through the ‘JAOS standardized agreement’. Organizational Development Team: – Developing memberships and supporting member organizations. Planning Team: – Planning meetings and seminars in cooperation with Educational Representatives of Embassies, the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan, etc. Organizational Operations Team: – Aiming for JAOS to gain corporate classification as a Non Profit Organization.

JAOS Member Recruitment Seminar

May 20, 2003

at Forum 8 Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo

To recruit new member organizations, JAOS holds a promotional seminar twice each year. The aim of these seminars is to explain JAOS’ goals and activities. Of the 8 agencies that attended, 3 expressed interest in joining JAOS.