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“Seminar to high school teachers on Japanese university entrance examination reform and tips on how to give appropriate study abroad guidance” co-sponsored by JAOS/Eiken

December 19, 2015


As the government is carrying out various measures to meet its target to double the number of high school aged study abroad students by the year 2020, JAOS and Eiken Foundation of Japan co-sponsored a seminar to call for improvement in the study abroad guidance, with cooperation from Gakuji Shuppan, the publisher of the study abroad guidance guidelines. The following three lectures were held: “Information on Tobitate! Ryugaku Japan (Fly high! Study Abroad Japan) Japanese representative program’s high school course” by Mr. Nadachi, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology; “Study abroad English and the necessity for change in English education guidance in accordance to the university entrance exam reform” by Mr. Matsudaira, Eiken Foundation of Japan; and “Key points for study abroad guidance in schools” by Mr. Hoshino, Executive Secretary of JAOS.

Case study seminar: International student recruitment in universities abroad

December 9, 2015

at Orchard Room,Hotel Okura Tokyo South Wing 2F

We invited Mr. Scott Wade and Ms. Gely Volkman, and held a seminar to study the current trends and advantages of working with study abroad agents. Mr. Scott Wade, Director of Study Travel Ltd., organizes the event Alphe, which seeks to match up educational institutions located overseas recruiting international students with study abroad agents. Ms. Gely Volkman, Associate Dean of University of California, Irvine, utilizes study abroad agents around the world to recruit international students.

2015 JAOS Fall Annual General Meeting

November 16, 2015

at Shinjuku Nomura Building (Shinjuku, Tokyo)

Organizations attended 53 companies (including 13 attorneys) – With a total of 63 attendees, the 2015 JAOS fall regular meeting was held. At Study Session 1 “On Innovating Japan’s English Education”, Mr. Katsuragi from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) gave us a detailed explanation on the current state and future plans of English education. At Study Session 2 “Tobitate! (Leap for Tomorrow) Study Abroad Initiative: Japan Representative Scholarship Program Updates”, Ms. Nishikawa from MEXT’s Public-Private Partnership Study Abroad Promotion Strategy Headquarters gave a talk on the latest news about the program. In addition, each committee and JACSAC reported on their activities, members of the executive committee and amendments to the JAOS articles were decided, and there was much free discussion, resulting in a valuable meeting.

The 19th JAOS Certified Study Abroad Counselor Qualifying Examination

September 27, 2015(Tokyo) / October 4, 2015(Osaka)

Daiichi Gakuin Yotsuya Campus (Tokyo) / AP Osaka Ekimae Umeda 1 Chome (Osaka)

The 19th JAOS Certified Study Abroad Counselor Qualifying Examination was held in Tokyo and Osaka. 39 people sat the examination at the venue in Tokyo; 17 people sat the examination at the venue in Osaka. Most of the people taking the examination were from companies involved in the study abroad or language study industry or were those affiliated to educational institutions such as universities, but there were also a number of students and homemakers. The results are scheduled to be announced at the end of October. The next examination is scheduled to be held on March 27th, 2016 (Tokyo)/April 3rd, 2016 (Osaka).

JAOS Sponsors a case study seminar “ Using Study Abroad Agents for Inbound/Outbound Study Abroad” ~Seminar to Introduce Examples of Using an Agent, and Matching Event between Universities in Japan and JAOS Members~

September 11, 2015

at Nishi-Shinjuku, Nomura Building

The first part of the event, for universities in Japan that want to accept inbound study abroad students to accelerate globalization and strengthen their outbound study abroad programs for students in Japan, was held. The person in charge of marketing at the Australian embassy and the person in charge of study abroad programs at California State University held a seminar to introduce examples of outbound programs and overseas recruitment using study aboard agents overseas. In the second part, matching event was held between universities in Japan and JAOS members.

Study abroad counselor workshop held for JAOS members “Advice from a legal perspective on dealing with study abroad problems”

July 16, 2015

at Zenken Plaza conference room

With the cooperation of the Attorneys Mr. Ota (JAOS Special Auditor) and Mr. Tagawa, a workshop/networking event was held for JAOS member organization counselors. Using examples of things that occur in the course of everyday business, they analyzed problems such as misunderstandings between customers and homestay difficulties, and gave advice about how to solve such problems. A total of 20 counselors from 11 organizations attended the workshop, breaking into groups that each had a discussion and a presentation.  It was a very productive workshop, where the attendees gained legal knowledge and learned problem-solving skills while sharing their experience as study abroad counselors.

2015 JAOS Spring General Meeting

June 22, 2015

at Shinjuku Nomura Building (Shinjuku, Tokyo)

The 2015 JAOS Spring General Meeting was held with a total of 65 participants and 50 companies (including 10 participating via letter of proxy). After an explanation of the 2015 fiscal year project plan by the Executive Secretary and an explanation of the financial statements by Mr. Nakano, JAOS Special Auditor and a public accountant, each operation team presented its activity report and explained its plans for the coming period. Exchange of business cards and free discussion during the break provided the opportunity for a lively exchange of ideas and information. In the study session, the Executive Secretary presented a review of current trends in study abroad via private companies among Japanese people.

Second JAOS Business Administration Seminar Held

June 18, 2015


Following on from the seminar in September last year, a second seminar was held for the managers and executives of study abroad businesses. In the first part of the three-part seminar, Mr. Shiozaki and Ms. Nishikawa of Eiken gave a presentation on “Trends in the use of English language qualifications and proficiency tests to select university entrants, and the impact on the study abroad business”. In the second part, Tatsuhiko Hoshino, Executive Secretary of JAOS, talked about “National study abroad policies and the latest study abroad trends among Japanese students”. A panel discussion on “Changes in the study abroad environment and the future of the study abroad business” was held in the third part. Participants studied and examined the study abroad business from a variety of angles, and the seminar served as a forum for enlightening participants, including nonmembers, about the activities of JAOS.

JAPAN SIG Annual Meeting NAFSA 2015 in Boston

May 27, 2015

in Boston

An introduction of the activities of JAOS by Japan SIG (a subcommittee for people who have a special interest in Japan) at the NAFSA annual meeting. Reporting on the activities of JAOS and providing a background briefing on the organization of the “Case Study Seminar on International Student Recruitment by Universities Abroad” hosted by JAOS that took place in February, as well as announcing events that JAOS will be organizing in the future.

2015 Global ACE Liaison Committee Briefing Session

April 23, 2015

at Shibuya Forum 8

The session was held in order to report on the previous fiscal year’s results and the current fiscal year’s plans for the “Project to support the career development of young workers through international exchange”, which JAOS is delivering on behalf of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, as well as to think about the nature of the study abroad business going forward. On the day of the session, a Deputy Director from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare attended and explained the overall purpose of the project. Professor Shiraki of Waseda University, one of the leaders in the area of global personnel development, went on to give the keynote presentation. Following this, consideration of the value added by the study abroad industry in the future reaffirmed the meaning and ways of making use of Global ACE.

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