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Participation in Alphe Workshop Tokyo, International Study Abroad Industry Conference

December 11-12, 2014

at Hotel Okura (Minatoku, Tokyo)

JAOS Secretary General Tatsuhiko Hoshino represented JAOS in Alphe Workshop Tokyo held on 11th and 12th December.The conference is run in a series at selected major cities such as London, Istanbul and Bangkok. JAOS exhibited at a booth to raise its awareness among schools and study abroad agents participating in the conference from around the world. JAOS, as recognized industry leader for Study-Abroad in Japan, helps to organize the Alphe Workshop Tokyo.

Study visit to the World High School Fair organized by TIECA (Thai study abroad industry association)

November 29, 2014

at Thai, Bangkok

Mr Hoshino, our Executive Secretary, visited the World High School Fair in Bangkok, Thailand organized by TIECA, the Thai study abroad industry association. At the fair, foreign diplomatic missions and official organizations such as the British Council Thailand and overseas primary and secondary level educational institutions had booths where they provided information to Thai students hoping to study abroad and their guardians.

JAOS’ 2014 Autumn General Meeting

November 17, 2014

at Ryugaku Journal Inc.Head Quarters (Shinanomachi, Tokyo )

JAOS’ 2014 Autumn Semiannual General Meeting was held with the participation of 53 members from 36 companies, as well as proxies from 7 companies. Each Task Team gave a report on their activities in the first half of the 2014 year, as well as announcing their action plans for the second half of the 2014 year and the 2015 year. Executive Secretary Mr Hoshino gave a presentation on “Japan’s policies for promoting overseas study”, followed by a vigorous exchange of ideas during a free discussion among the participating organizations. Three new members, New Zealand Embassy/Education New Zealand, the Japan office of Sprachcaffe Languages Plus, and Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance participated for the first time.

Seminar at the Australia Future Unlimited Education Exhibition organized by the Australian Embassy

October 12, 2014

at Ochanomizu Sola City�(Ochanomizu, Tokyo)

Our Executive Director, Mr Hayashi, gave a seminar on the topic of “Working Holidays in Australia and career support for people who have worked overseas” at the Australia Future Unlimited Education Exhibition hosted by the Australian Embassy. He explained JAOS’ activities and the “Global Ace” project (career support for young participants in the Working Holiday program) undertaken on behalf of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to people hoping to study in Australia. The seminar, with a capacity of 100 people, was so crowded that people were standing, and the Exhibition itself was a big success with over 1,000 visitors.

English UK Kyoto Workshop

October 8-9, 2014

at Westin Miyako Hotel, Kyoto (Kyoto)

English UK, a British English educational organization, held an Asian agent fair in Kyoto. JAOS participated as a supporting organization, and exchanged information with Asian agents and English schools while discussing Japan’s study abroad market with the CEO and board members of English UK and executives from the British Council.

British English Study Abroad Seminar Held Jointly with the British Council

October 6, 2014

at British Council (Iidabashi, Tokyo)

JAOS jointly sponsored a British Council seminar on why the UK is the best destination for English language study abroad plus an introduction to systems that deliver high quality results. Mr. Hoshino from the Board spoke as a panelist. A specialist was invited from English UK, which is a leading organization that certifies schools of English together with the British Council, and there was information on the latest developments in English study abroad in the UK.

Participation in the Collaboration Agreement Signing Ceremony

October 3, 2014

at Australian Embassy (Mita, Tokyo)

The Marketing Office of the Embassy of Australia and the Eiken Foundation of Japan entered into a Collaboration Agreement, and a signing ceremony was held. Chairman Yamada participated in the signing ceremony. As a result of this agreement, Japanese middle schoolers in their third year, high schoolers, and junior high schoolers will be able to enroll in Australian high schools with a Pre-2 Grade or above on the Eiken test. The state of Queensland has already begun accepting the Eiken test as proof of language ability at all public high schools as of this year, and in the future the Eiken test will be accepted all over Australia, following moves by the United States and Canada.

17th JAOS Certified Study Abroad Counselor Certification Test

September 28, 2014/October 5, 2014

at Daiichi Gakuin Yotsuya Campus(Tokyo) /AP Osaka Umeda 1chome Convention Room (Osaka)

The 17th JAOS Certified Study Abroad Counselor Certification Approval Test was held in Tokyo and Osaka. This round, which had a record number of examinees, saw many staff members of educational institutions such as universities sit for the exam, and reflected the demand for study abroad knowledge at educational facilities. Test results will be announced in the beginning of November.

JAOS Member Study Abroad Counselor Workshop

September 25, 2014

at Educaional Information, Consulting & Mentoring

A Customer Interaction course for study abroad counselors of JAOS affiliated members was held. Ms. Atsuko Kojima, who is a business manners and communications trainer, was invited as a lecturer, and 9 organizations and 20 members participated on the day of the workshop. The topic was “High Class Customer Service”, and a lecture on expressions, voices and eye movements that leave a pleasant impression was presented, followed by practice in small groups. At the gathering following the workshop, counselors working in the same industry exchanged business cards and conversation. It was an excellent networking opportunity.

Global ACE Employment Support Seminar Held

September 25, 2014/September 29, 2014

at AP Osaka Umeda 1chome Convention Room (Osaka)/Shibuya forum 8 (Tokyo)

As was the case last year, we held employment support seminars in Tokyo and Osaka. The Tokyo venue had 30 participants and the Osaka venue had 15 participants. As was the case last time, we received very positive feedback from participants.

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