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Seminar for Utilization and Productivity of IT Tools

December 13, 2019

Excite T&E Co., Ltd.

This seminar was held with 2 parts.

(1) About Work Optimization Using IT

Work optimization and security were analyzed through topics such as optimization of limited personnel, preparation of an environment that can be supported by small headcount, systems envisioning changes to work styles with more remote work, and transferring and managing analog data to online and shared file servers.

(2) Marketing Automation to Increase Prospective Clients

Industry terms, approaches for unknown marketing, proposals, and case examples were explained regarding how to utilize marketing automation to reach more prospective clients.

Overseas Crisis Management Seminar with Accident Simulation

November 12, 2019

TOKYU REIT Shinjuku Bldg.

This seminar was held with the objective preparing for unforeseen situations by confirming initial actions during an emergency, the various roles in the emergency headquarters, and the content of the tasks through simulated training.

Detailed examples of overseas emergency were simulated in order from initial responses, family response, and mass communication responses, discussed within the group, and announced.

This was a beneficial seminar that was practical for the future, as a lot of useful information was shared.

JAOS/JACSAC joint Seminar: Recent Trends for Immigration Law Related to U.S. Student Visas and Work Visas

September 26, 2019

Zenken Plaza conference room

A seminar was held with Paralegal Aya Nozoe from the Mahalo Legal Group as a guest.

[Seminar Topics]

●Visa Application Screening Process

●Latest Information on Immigration Law and Exchange Student Visas

●Latest Information on H-1B Visas

●Presidential Decree for Stricter Immigration and Enhanced Enforcement

 21 JAOS and JACSAC members participated in this highly beneficial and successful seminar containing very interesting and essential information for people supporting study abroad students.

JACSAC 10th Anniversary Commemorative Lectures

September 18, 2019

EF Education First Japan Ltd.

Commemorative lectures were held for the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Japan Association of Certified Study Abroad Counselor (JACSAC). Commemorative lectures were given by Satoru Araune from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology; Yusuke Matsuda from Crimson Education Japan, and President Yoshiko Fujinobe from JACSAC. The nearly 70 participants, with a focus on those working in the study abroad and education industries, commented “I deepened my understanding through the lectures,” “I reaffirmed my passion toward supporting study abroad,” and “I received good hints about nurturing human resources moving forward.” At the social gathering following the lectures, participants grew new and old relationships over delicious Swedish cuisine.

Overseas Crisis Management Seminar

June 11, 2019

TKP Nishi-Shinjuku conferene center

A seminar was held to improve the ability of member companies to respond to crisis by understanding and learning from experiential case examples based on themes such as “First Actions During an Emergency,” “Smooth Accident Handling,” “Necessary Prior Preparations,” and “Measures to Reduce Risks Overseas.” There were over 20 participants, and this was a seminar with a very high level of satisfaction.

Seminar to Prevent Complains with Legal and Attorney Opinions

April 15, 2019

Zenken Plaza conference room

Instead of a lecture, this was a discussion among 5-6 experts about case examples, with the resulting opinions being announced.

Many participants stated that they were able to recognize their differences in thought compared to other companies.

Additionally, there was a lot of feedback stating that it was a beneficial seminar with many questions.

We would like to make this a regular event, as the desire to host it annually was a popular opinion.

There were 35 participants.

22nd JAOS/FGER Meeting Held

March 25, 2019

Ryugaku Journal cnference room

The 22nd JAOS/FGER (Foreign Government Educational Representative) Meeting was held. Information was exchanged between participating organizations in a lively manner, with the first part containing announcements by the FGER regarding the latest study abroad trends and activities for the year, the second part involving the sharing of statistical data from JAOS and information exchange with a focus on questions from agents, and the third part containing a themed discussion. 28 organizations participated from JAOS, and 12 organizations (U.S. Commercial Service Japan, Japan-U.S. Educational Commission, Embassy of Canada to Japan, Australian Embassy Tokyo Commercial Section, Government of Victoria, Queensland Government Japan Office, Government of Western Australia’s Japan Office, the British Council, Campus France Japon, Philippine Department of Tourism, Taiwan Education Center Japan, and Italian Cultural Institute) participated from FGER.

Carrying out Study Abroad Training for Faculty Members at Kyushu University

March 6, 2019

Kyushu University

In March 2019, JAOS instructor carried out training for faculty members involved in study abroad programs at Kyushu University based on the following 3 topics.

・Knowledge about study abroad programs and study abroad trends in Japan

・General knowledge related to study abroad (basic information, such as study abroad policies in various countries)

・How to provide counseling to study abroad students (including work)

Quality English(QE) Scholarship Award Ceremony

January 27, 2019

Keio Plaza Hotel

There were over 100 applicants for a scholarship for teachers in Japan provided in conjunction with Quality English (QE), the English education association with an agreement with JAOS, and ultimately 24 recipients were chosen.

QE’s schools providing the scholarships came to Japan, and a scholarship awarding ceremony was held at the Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan for the recipients from across Japan.