objectives and member responsibilities

Guidelines Objectives

The JAOS Guideline was formulated with the objective of providing Japan Association of Overseas Studies (JAOS) member organizations a format in which to properly carry out their functions, and hence more widely contribute to society.

The services that these organizations provide are wide-ranging. Furthermore, the programs which JAOS members offer consumers as well as the actual contractual contents vary considerably. Therefore, JAOS members, in addition to observing all applicable laws and regulations, have this set of guidelines in which to adhere to.

The 3 Guideline Principles

The JAOS Guideline is based on the following three fundamental principles.

  1. Public Notification

    When introducing a program or service, JAOS members will use proper sales methods and give a comprehensive and accurate description of the program’s contents.

  2. Contracting with Consumers

    JAOS members will accurately explain the contractual coverage under proper circumstances, issuing written documentation of all necessary contractual/program particulars.

  3. Contractual Implementation

    JAOS members will see to it that all contents of each contract are upheld. Furthermore, in the case of any trouble, members will handle every client and situation with utmost care and sincerity.

JAOS Member Responsibility

JAOS member organizations will fully understand and obey each of the aforementioned terms of these guidelines.