Activity report

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2005 JAOS Autumn General Meeting

December 8-9, 2005

at Hotel New Akao in Atami

December 8-9, 2005 The Autumn General Meeting was attended by 24 individuals representing 33 companies (11 of which were present by proxy). 2 new regular member organizations, 1 new associate organization, and 1 support organization were formally admitted into JAOS. After each task team presented their recent activities, an active discussion session was held. Furthermore, the JAOS administration office presented the topics and activities that it dealt with over the summer, fielding questions and comments from various points of view.

JAOS Presentation on the Theme, ‘The Merits of Using Study Abroad Agencies’ at the Canada High School Overseas Study Fair Organized by the Canadian Embassy

October 8, 2005

at the Canadian Embassy in Toky

Participation in this fair was based on a resolution JAOS made at the 2004 Spring General Meeting to more directly and actively inform the overseas study industry about the important roles that both agencies and JAOS play. Invited by the Canadian Embassy, JAOS essentially borrowed the contents from last year’s presentation at the British Overseas Study Fair. The presentation was very well received.

JAOS Presentation on the Theme, ‘The Merits of Using Study Abroad Agencies’ at the U.K. Overseas Study Fair Organized by the British Council

October 1-2, 2005 at Tokyo International Forum October 8, 2005 at Umeda Sky Building in Osaka October 9, 2005 at Nagoya International Meeting Hall

Due to its positive reception, JAOS will this year expand its presentation on the merits of using an agency to book overseas travel to events in Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo.

JAOS Administration’s Opening of Physical JAOS Office

August 5, 2005

at YES Office in Tokyo

Up until now, JAOS had operated without an actual physical office. However, due to the amount of work JAOS is putting into the creation of a model ‘Standardized Terms and Conditions’ as well as its direct work with the overseas study industry, the JAOS administration made the decision to open a ‘JAOS Administrative Office’ at the 2005 Spring General Meeting. The office hours, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. have also been decided on. Japan Association of Overseas Studies (JAOS) Specific Non-Profit Organization Tokyo-to, Shinjuku-ku, Kagurazaka 6-35-1, Kyokiku Center Building 2F 162-0825 Tel. 03-3269-8446, Fax. 03-3269-8447 (within Japan)

2002 JAOS General-Meeting: Spring

June 17, 2002

at Shibuya Forum 8 in Tokyo

The 2002 Annual Spring General Meeting was attended by 24 participants from 22 member organizations, among which, 7 organizations participated via absentee vote. The new membership of 1 agency was approved at the meeting. The ‘Four Task Teams’ (1. JAOS Standardized Agreement, 2. New Membership Recruitment, 3. ERA, 4. Member Support) organized during the last General Meeting presented their activity reports, in which the contents were discussed. In addition, FELCA reported that they plan to open a new office in Bangkok, Thailand. FELCA also plans to launch its website from the autumn of 2002. Special attention was paid to the work of the ‘JAOS Standardized Agreement Task Team’. Though a number of difficulties are expected, it was agreed upon that the team would be focusing on the ‘cancellation policies’ of ‘individual language programs’. As these types of programs make up a large share of the overseas study market, any improvements that can be made will have a major positive consequence for both consumers as well as for the study abroad industry as a whole. The following are major policies that were discussed and agreed upon at the General Meeting. ・ Self-imposed restrictions among study abroad organizations under JAOS, (where there are currently no existing codes of practice) will contribute to fair and trustworthy business development within the industry. ・ Through the above actions, JAOS members and non-members will de differentiated, members acquiring ‘trust’ from general society for being part of a dependable group. This will result in JAOS membership growth. ・ Although the ‘Guidelines’ have already been established, the ‘Task Team’ will take concrete actions in order to better establish the ‘JAOS Standardized Agreement’ (also referred to as ‘Model Terms and Conditions’) as a means of gaining the public’s confidence. ・ As an initial step towards forming the ‘JAOS Standardized Agreement’, the Task Team will first work towards establishing a ‘Partially Standardized Agreement’ by reaching a consensus with JAOS members regarding ‘Cancellation Policy ・ All of the above actions shall not conflict with ‘Anti-Monopoly Law’

2005 JAOS Spring General Meeting

June 8, 2005

Canadian Embassy in Tokyo

The Spring General Meeting was attended 28 individuals representing 33 member organizations (8 of which were present by proxy). 1 new member organization and one supporting member organization were admitted into JAOS. Each task team reported on their activities and plans, which were actively discussed by those in attendance. The research and training task team reported on its current plans to open a certified course for study abroad professionals. Furthermore, due to current difficulties in carrying out diverse activities, JAOS made a decision to open an actual physical office in the near future.

2005 Canada Study Abroad Fair Sponsored by JAOS and Supported by Canadian Embassy

May 27, 2005

at Canadian Embassy in Tokyo

At the 2004 JAOS Autumn General Meeting, the Planning Task Team, along with JAOS Administration and the Canadian Embassy, decided to organize this event in order to promote ‘prospering through overseas study’. Considering that 22 schools, 15 agencies and 285 visitors attended the event, it can certainly be considered a success.

2004 Fiscal Year 8th Annual JAOS-FGER Meeting

February 14, 2005

at Tokyo Kokusai Koryu-kan Plaza Heisei

As of this meeting, this event, previously known as JAOS-ERA Meetings will now be called JAOS-FGER Meetings. This year’s meeting was attended by 29 JAOS members and 11 individuals from the following FGER (Foreign Government Education Representive) organizations (American Embassy, Japan-U.S. Educational Commission, Embassy of Australia, Embassy of Ireland, New Zealand Embassy, Canadian Embassy, and the British Council). Furthermore, two members of JASSO and one member of JAFSA participated as observers. After FGER and JAOS reported on current developments in the industry, an active discussion on the themes presented took place. After the meeting, JAOS reported to FGER on the current status of its proposed ‘JAOS Certified Counselor Training Course.’