Activity report

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Seminar on the Legal Revision of the Protection of Personal Information Law

May 24, 2017

Zenken Plaza conference room

In accordance to the May 30th enactment of the amended Act on the Protection of Personal Information (APPI),
we invited attorney Keiichiro Ota to lead the “Seminar on the Legal Revision of the Protection of Personal Information Law.”
Because the definition of personal information has been widened and the handling of personal information given to third parties tightened by the amendment, this seminar covered the risks concerning the management of personal information and important points that should be heeded in correspondence to the amendment.

JAOS Seminar on ‘Eating habits and precautions about disease prevention at your study abroad destination’

March 1, 2017

at Zenken Plaza conference room

We held a seminar on what to watch out for regarding eating habits, immunization and disease prevention while studying abroad, with participation from 11 study abroad agents and 6 media correspondents.
As a little extra information you should know while studying abroad, we welcomed our speakers Ayako Seto (Registered Nurse at Sanofi Health Insurance Society, Health Promotion Centre) and Dr Atsuo Hamada (Professor at Tokyo Medical University Hospital, Travel Clinic) to present a seminar on how to eat (including eating out) while overseas in a way that best suits the Japanese diet, whether getting a vaccination during your studies abroad is necessary, and things to look out for regarding diseases and disease prevention at your study abroad destination.
Event was hosted by JAOS, Sanofi KK

20th JAOS/FGER Meeting Held

Feburuary 22, 2017

at AIG Training Center ( Kinshi-cho, Tokyo)

We held the 20th JAOS/FGER (Foreign Government Educational Representative) meeting. The FGER gave a report on the latest trends and the annual activity of studying abroad, Mr. Yokoyama of the Philippine Department of Tourism compared the trends of studying abroad in Japan with Asia, Executive Secretary of JAOS, Hoshino announced the trends in Japanese study abroad based on JAOS statistics, and there was an enthusiastic sharing of information by the attending organizations. There were 28 organizations from JAOS and 10 from FGER (U.S. Commercial Service, Japan-U.S. Educational Commission, Embassy of Canada, British Columbia Trade and Investment Representative Office in Japan, Australian Embassy Marketing Office, Trade and Investment Victoria, Trade & Investment Queensland’s Office in Japan, British Council, Campus France, Philippine Department of Tourism).

JAOS talked about Trend on Japanese students at ICEF Japan-Korea Agent Roadshow Seminar Program

Feburuary 20, 2017

at Keio Plaza Hotel 43th Fl. (Moonlight)

The seminar targeted overseas educational institutions wishing to invite Japanese students, and gave an update on the current situation and trends of the study abroad market in Japan. Overseas educators and study abroad agents (97 study abroad agents for the ICEF) attended.
JAOS Director, Yokoyama, was asked to present a seminar titled, “Update and Trends- The Study Abroad Market in Japan.” The seminar reported the trends of Japanese study abroad students, the number of JAOS applicants, and other statistics.
Host: ICEF

JAOS/Education New Zealand Co-Hosted Agent Workshop and Social Gathering

June 30, 2017

New Zealand Embassy

This was a workshop of roughly 4 hours, which began with an introduction of the SIEBA (Schools International Education Business Association of New Zealand), NZ’s National Association for schools (primary and secondary), and involved announcements by SIEBA’s Executive Director John van der Zwan regarding explanations of the role, positioning, and agents’ benefits of SIEBA; monitoring of agents, who must protect students abroad based on the Code of Practice; new efforts, such as the standardization of formatting for procedural documents that must be submitted; and reminders on ongoing activities.

This was a highly satisfying workshop, as it allowed participants to ask questions and share their opinions, in addition to the information provided by the Executive Director.