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First JAOS Business Administration Seminar Held

September 10, 2014

at Shinjuku Nomura Building (Shinjuku, Tokyo)

The first of a series of seminars aimed at administrators and managers in the study abroad industry was held. 56 people from 45 companies participated. For this first seminar, Chairman Yamada presented “Success in the Study Abroad Business.” In addition, there was an explanation of the study abroad assistance program by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and a seminar on “The Latest in the Study Abroad Market and Reliability” by Mr. Hoshino from the board and the Marketing Office of the Embassy of Australia.

Participation and Cooperation with the “Tobitate! Study Abroad Fair 2014”

September 9, 2014

at Meiji University(Kandasurugadai, Tokyo)

With help from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and JAOS among others, a study abroad fair was held as part of the “Tobitate! Ryugaku JAPAN” project. A panel discussion titled “Steps to a Successful Study Abroad” was held between university students, study abroad specialists, and people with study abroad experience. JAOS Directors Mr. Tatsuhiko Hoshino and Mr. Tadashi Yokoyama served as panelists.

JACSAC held a seminar titled “Coaching Skills for Study Abroad Counseling”

September 3, 2014

at GLOBE-TROTTER T&E Inc. (Shinjuku, Tokyo)

The seminar focusing on the practical use of the increasingly popular “coaching skills” to motivate study abroad candidates and help them in self-actualization. The lecturer was a study abroad counselor who caught notice of “coaching skills” early on and implemented them in counseling. Over 50 members participated in the seminar. The seminar focused on the communication skill by the type, and included role playing situations using core coaching skills such careful listening, acknowledgement, nodding, etc and it was a practical. JACSAC (Japan Association of Certified Study Abroad Counselors) hold seminars and training sessions for counselors regulary.

Participation in the Education New Zealand Agent Seminar

September 1, 2014

at Nomura Conference Room Nihonbashi (Nihonbashi, Tokyo)

Chairman Yamada gave a speech following the New Zealand ambassador at a seminar for study abroad agents organized by Education New Zealand (ENZ). There was information about the initiatives of Education New Zealand and visa information from Immigration New Zealand at the seminar.

FELCA General Meetin

August 29, 2014

at Westminster Bridge Park Plaza Hotel(London, UK)

The FELCA Annual General Meeting was held in London, UK, at the Westminster Bridge Park Plaza Hotel. Representatives from Russia, Mexico, Turkey, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Vietnam, France, Taiwan, Japan, and Thailand participated. JAOS Chairman Mr. Yamada and Director Mr. Ueoku participated. 

Intoduced in Educational Public Opinion (published by Kyoiku Koronsha)

July 1, 2014

at Japan Association of Overseas Studies(Kagurazaka, Tokyo)

An interview with Director Hoshino on the topic of creating environments in which students can study overseas with peace of mind was published in Educational Public Opinion, No. 1305 (July 2st, 2014).

Production of the JAOS Pamphlet (Japanese and English versions)

July 1, 2014

The JAOS pamphlet in Japanese and English versions has been published and distributed to JAOS member organizations.

JAOS spring general meeting

June 16, 2014

at Ryugaku Journal(Shinanomachi, Tokyo)

The JAOS spring general meeting took place with 41 member organizations present, 15 member organizations present by proxy, and 52 individuals. 2013 financial accounts were settled while budget proposals for the 2014 fiscal year were ratified. Each steering committee reported on their activities during the second half of 2013 and announced their plans for the first six months of 2014. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology presented its Tobitate! Ryugaku Japan program, which was followed by a lively exchange of information. Three organizations including the British Council took part as new members.

Launch of website for JAOS users

June 1, 2014

“JAOS, which, for 23 years has worked towards finding solutions to the problems of study abroad and towards the creation of an environment in which students can study overseas with peace of mind, has launched a website for general users. With the cooperation of members, this site has been launched in order to offer comprehensive information to individuals who wish to study abroad. It covers not only information related to overseas study, but also presents problem cases and suggests methods for dealing with such problems, together with information about support organizations which assist in making study abroad a reality. JAFSA (Japan Network for International Education), the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the Consumer Affairs Agency, the National Consumer Affairs Center, Council of Local Authorities for International Relations, and boards of education nationwide were notified.”

Complete Set Publication and Distribution of Global ACE Report and Other Materials

May 1, 2014

The Survey Report on the Hiring and Application of Youth with Overseas Experience has been published (commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and examined by JAOS Japanese Association of Overseas Study, Heisei 25 fiscal year). It was distributed to GLOBAL ACE council member organizations, chambers of commerce and industry, Hello Work public employment security offices and other organizations nationwide.

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