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‘Study in America EXPO’ Sponsored by the U.S. Embassy

May 16, 2009

at Akasaka SACAS in Tokyo

This study abroad fair was sponsored by the Public Diplomacy Department of the U.S. Embassy and held in collaboration with JAOS. As part of the event, JAOS worked with the embassy to put on a study abroad seminar. With 3,500 guests taking part in the study abroad seminar and U.S. College Catalog Fair and a total of 18,200 overall visitors, it can be said that the event was highly successful. JAOS was proud to have 5 of our successful graduates from the JAOS Certified Counselor Training Course serve as volunteer consultants at the U.S. College Catalog Fair.

2008 Fiscal Year 12th Annual JAOS-FGER Meeting

January 28, 2009

at AIG Training Center in Tokyo

For the 12th time, JAOS and FGER (Foreign Government Educational Representatives) got together for an annual meeting in order to discuss overseas study trends and exchange information and perspectives. Just as it has the past two years, JAOS once again requested that FGER provide a numerical summary of what countries and programs JAOS member organizations are sending their students to. Likewise, JAOS again disclosed the number of overall students its organizations sent abroad in order to improve the understanding of industry trends. While we were only able to get about 30% participation during the initial year, last year saw a dramatic increase in the amount of information divulged, as we were able to collect 70% of student data. This year, perhaps due to the fact that there was not much time to prepare data, the number of members participating in this activity unfortunately dropped by half. This sensitive information has a direct link with sales figures and might be difficult for some companies to divulge. However, this activity is necessary for cultivating a stronger study abroad industry. JAOS also used the meeting as an opportunity to provide an update concerning the “JAOS Certified Counselor Training Course and Certification Test.” More than half of the FGER member organizations have already consented to officially support our program by lending their names to our JAOS Certified Counselor Training Course literature and training materials. Moreover, we announced the continued development of JACSAC, an organization that will be made up of candidates who successfully complete the JAOS Certified Counselor Training Course and Certification Test. JAOS also detailed how our organization is checking the contents of member pamphlets and literature to make sure they follow JAOS guidelines and regulations. Attendees included 38 representatives of 28 JAOS member organizations, 12 representatives of 7 FGER institutions (Cultural Affairs and Commerce departments of the U.S. Embassy, Japan-U.S. Educational Committee, Australian Governmental Organization for International Education, Ireland Governmental Bureau for Business Affairs, British Council and Canadian Embassy) and 3 observers, bringing the total number of participants to 53 people.

5th JAOS Certified Counselor Training Course Screening Seminar and Certification Test

January 24-25, 2009

at ALC Event Hall in Tokyo

The 5th JAOS Certified Counselor Training Course screening seminar and certification test was held over a two-day period (sponsored by JAOS and administered by ALC Press). 15 candidates and 5 instructors participated. Like the previous screening and examination, we saw a drop in participants. This was perhaps due to the fact that it came just 3 months after a similar event in October. Content included workshops, a lively and productive screening seminar, a one-hour examination and group presentations. Examination results are set to be announced at the end of February.

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