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The JAOS 30th-anniversary commemorative ceremony was held.

In 2021, JAOS celebrated its 30th anniversary, and the commemorative ceremony, which was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, took place in December 2022.

Date: December 7, 2022, from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Venue: Hilton Tokyo, Fuji-no-ma Room

At the ceremony, Mr. Satoru Araune, the Director of the Tobitate! Study Abroad Japan Project, a collaborative project between the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and private sectors to promote overseas study opportunities, delivered a congratulatory speech. Also, Mr. Hamish Cooper, the Ambassador of New Zealand, and Mr. Anoop Kanthatham, representing TIECA as the former president of the Federation of Education and Language Consultant Associations (Felca), offered their felicitations. The event was warmly attended by approximately 70 guests, including representatives from embassies, universities, educational organizations, sponsors, and JAOS members.

During the ceremony, they shared the history and achievements of JAOS, and paid tribute to Mr. Masaru Yamada, the founder and current Chairman, with a presentation accompanied by slides. The occasion provided an opportunity for networking and ended on a high note with a pleasant atmosphere.

The commemorative event for the establishment of “Study Abroad Day,” the “JAOS Study Abroad Award Ceremony,” was held.

On November 12, 2022 (Saturday), the JAOS Study Abroad Awards ceremony was held at Shinjuku Keio Plaza Hotel, on the occasion of “Study Abroad Day.” The “Open Application Award,” themed “Study Abroad that had a Significant Impact on Life,” received approximately 100 entries from the general public. As a result of the selection process, a total of 9 winners were awarded, with one Excellence Award and two Special Awards in each of the following categories: “Junior High School and High School Student Study Abroad Division,” “University and Graduate Student Study Abroad Division,” and “Working Professionals Study Abroad Division.”
Additionally, in the “Nomination-based Award,” where recipients were chosen from various fields, six individuals and one organization were honored with awards.

The awardees are as follows (titles omitted):

◆ Nomination-based Award ◆

Entertainment Category Award: Kinnikun Nakayama

Athlete Category Award: Takuya Haneda

Politician Category Award: Kenta Aoshima

Social Activist Category Award: Ryosuke Kobayashi

Influencer Category Award: Haruki Anoku

Business Category Award: Norihiko Sasaki

Organization Category Award: Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

JAOS has designated November 12th as “Study Abroad Day.” In commemoration of “Study Abroad Day,” they are soliciting study abroad experiences for the JAOS Study Abroad Award.

JAOS applied to the Japan Anniversary Association to designate November 12th as “Study Abroad Day” and it was officially approved for registration.
As a result, November 12th has become one of Japan’s commemorative days as “Study Abroad Day.”
In commemoration of “Study Abroad Day,” JAOS has established the JAOS Study Abroad Award to honor individuals who have contributed to promoting study abroad in Japan. They will hold the inaugural JAOS Study Abroad Award ceremony on this year’s November 12th, which is “Study Abroad Day.”
The JAOS Study Abroad Award consists of two types of awards: the “Nomination-based Award,” where a selection committee (comprising members from various fields) chooses awardees who are socially active in relation to study abroad, such as social activists, celebrities, YouTubers, business leaders, and athletes, and the “Open Application-based Award,” which selects awardees from general applicants who share their study abroad experiences with the theme of “Study Abroad that Has Had a Significant Impact on Their Lives.” Under the “Open Application-based Award,” three individuals will receive the Outstanding Award with a cash prize of 100,000 yen each, and six individuals will be presented with the Special Award, receiving a cash prize of 30,000 yen each.

JAOS Survey report 2021 and JAOS Guidelines

The flow of Japanese pursuing study-abroad opportunities saw an unprecedented dive, a 76% drop, due to Covid-19 in 2020. The annual survey by study-abroad industry association, JAOS, Japan Association of Overseas Studies, has revealed the extent of the impact the worldwide pandemic has had on global student mobility originated from Japan.

Please refer to the following page for the details.

News release


Statement on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

All members of JAOS have confirmed the following three points as action principle in supporting students who plan to study abroad, as well as those who are currently studying abroad.


1.Collecting and sharing information acquired by member organizations

All members of JAOS are reminded to not only rely on information from official sources such as the Japanese government, the governments of the destination countries, the WHO, etc., In addition, members are urged to gather information directly from the schools receiving students also, to most accurately analyze the fast changing situations in order to make the best possible judgment with students safety and well-being as the top priority.


2.Supporting clients who are currently studying overseas

JAOS members are fully committed to supporting students currently studying overseas by continuing to liaise constantly with the partner institutions and organizations receiving students from JAOS member organizations.


3.Advising prospective students planning to study abroad

JAOS members shall provide most appropriate advice to prospective students based on the best possible up-to-date and accurate information from fully utilized JAOS network indicated in 1 and 2 above.



Yukari Kato

President, JAOS

JAOS 2019 Statistical Report on Japanese Studying Abroad

In August 2019, JAOS organized the “JAOS 2019 Survey on the Number of Japanese Studying Abroad”, a data analysis of 42-member education agencies that provide study abroad services.

Please refer to the following page for details.

    News release

JAOS 2017 Survey on the Number of Japanese Studying Abroad

In August 2017, JAOS organized the “JAOS 2017 Survey on the Number of Japanese Studying Abroad”, a survey of 40-member education agencies that provide study abroad services.

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    News release

Jaos launches new training and initiatives

Jaos has launched an updated version of its certified counsellor training manual and created case study DVDs. A significant element of the course, he explained, is a new DVD with five model counselling sessions, demonstrating how to assist differing student profiles and demands. The DVD features three high school student scenarios, as well as a university student and an adult student.


Jaos license has increased recently, with 300 licenses issued in 2015. The course is taken by university study abroad officers as well as agency staff.

Study abroad guidebook for high school teachers

Japan Association of Overseas Studies (JAOS) has published “Guiding High School Students to Study Abroad” for high school teachers through the publisher Gakuji Shuppan.


[Features of this book]

Basic knowledge of high school study abroad counseling that high school teachers appear to know but do not know. As “educational guidelines” that provide the foundation for counseling by teachers, the book covers information that is useful for providing appropriate guidance to students.


[Introduction of contents]

Chapter 1 Significance of High School Study Abroad and Mental Preparation for Counseling
・ Significance of high school study abroad
・ Three strengths obtained from high school study abroad
・ Mental preparation for study abroad counseling


Chapter 2 High School Study Abroad Basic Knowledge (General Remarks)
・Types of high school study abroad
・Steps until study abroad
・Documents needed for study abroad
・Funding and scholarships
・Recognition of credits after returning home


Chapter 3 High School Study Abroad Basic Knowledge


[Information by country]

・ Studying abroad in the U.S.
・ Studying abroad in Canada
・ Studying abroad in the U.K.
・ Studying abroad in Australia
・ Studying abroad in New Zealand


[By purpose]

・ Short study tour during summer or spring break
・ Participation in summer school
・ High school exchange program
・ High school study abroad besides exchange program for up to 1 year
・ Study abroad for the purpose of graduation Chapter 4 Practical advice for study abroad counseling
・ Advancing to university in Japan and abroad
・ Applying to both Japanese and U.S. universities
・ Advantages and disadvantages of study abroad
・ About English learning guidance before departure
・ Pre-departure counseling ・ Care after returning from study abroad
・ Path and career after returning Chapter 5 Risk management for study abroad
・ Understanding public safety and living information of study abroad locale
・ Safety measures for study abroad (1) — Study abroad student and family
・ Safety measures for study abroad (2) — Sending school
・ Dealing with problems (1) — Flight-related
・ Dealing with problems (2) — School-related
・ Dealing with problems (3) — Local living-related
・ Dealing with problems (4) — Others Chapter 6 Globalization of Japan and High School Study Abroad
・ Era of global human resources
・ State of study abroad in different countries
・ Outlook on Japanese study abroad student
・ Current state of high school study abroad
・ High school study abroad that advances Japan Chapter 7 Advancing to university abroad after graduating in Japan
・ Situation concerning entering overseas university
・ Differences with Japanese university entrance exams
・ About globals ranking of universities
・ Difficulty level of entering an overseas university
・ Test required for study abroad 1 (TOEFL(R))
・ Test required for study abroad 2 (IELTS)
・ Test required for study abroad 3 (SAT/ACT)
・ Test required for study abroad 4 (Eiken and PTE)
・ Application documents 1 (Transcript of grades and diploma)
・ Application documents 2 (Letters of recommendation and essays)
・ Application documents 3 (Other documents)
・ Use of trustworthy study abroad counseling agencies Chapter 8 Accounts of Study Abroad Experiences   Chapter 9 Reference Information
・ What is “Eiken Study Abroad” — Study abroad using Eiken?
・ List of Japan Association of Overseas Studies (JAOS) members
・ List of companies certified by J-CROSS (Japan Commission for the Regulation of Overseas Study Services
・ About certified study abroad counseling qualification system
・ Study abroad by teachers themselves Printed on A5 paper 192 pages List price (2,000 yen + tax)

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