About JAOS

JAOS Chronology

1991 January First Study-Abroad Organization Forum was held. This group later became the founding members of JAOS
1992 October Officially established JAOS, originally named Japan Association of Overseas Studies Network
1995 March Established Four Focus Groups within JAOS
1 High School Group
2 Language Study Group
3 College Group
4 Other Training Program Group
1997 June Changed name to Japan Association of Overseas Studies
June First ERA (Educational Representative Association of Embassies) was held. This meeting currently continues in the form of FGER (Foreign Government Educational Representatives), having conducted 14 meetings as of July 2014.
1998 March Official JAOS Logo created
September Meeting with representatives from AAIEP (American Assication of Intensive English Programs)
1999 January JAOS Homepage launched
August Became official member of FELCA (Federation of Education and Language Consultants Association ).
2000 March Meeting with Australian Embassy held
June Meeting with American Embassy held
September Study session with British Council held
2001 November Meeting with Canadian Embassy held
December Study session for New Customer Protection Law was held in conjunction with JATA and other homestay coordinating organizations.
2002 June Creation of JAOS Common Agreement was agreed at annual General Meeting to standardize contractual responsibilities of study abroad providers as well as their clients.
2004 March JAOS was granted legal status of Specific Non-Profit Corporation.
May Joined JAFSA: Japan Network for International Education
December JAOS Common Agreement was approved at General Meeting.
2005 May JAOS organized Canada Study Abroad Fair in affiliation with Canadian Embassy.
August Established official JAOS Office in Kagurazaka, Tokyo
2006 November ompletion of JAOS Certified Counselor Training Course at General Meeting
2007 February Upon advice by Fair Trade Commission, established guideline for display/explanation of “short-term language study” in cooperation with JATA Homestay Appropriation Commission.
March Conducted first JAOS Certified Counselor Training Course.
2008 May Invited for Advisory Consultation by Liberal Democratic Party Special Committee for Increasing Outbound study abroad of Japanese students
December Granted General Incorporated Association status
2009 May Established JACSAC (Japan Association of Certified Study Abroad Counselors) within JAOS
May Assisted with the “American EXPO” sponsored by American Embassy
August Implemented “JAOS Overseas Study Scholarships for Outbound High School Students” (funded by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)
2010 March-November Co-organized with the U.S. Embassy Seven “Study-In-the U.S.” seminars throughout Japan
June Organized JAOS/JAFSA Cross-Field Global Talent Development Committee Forum
2011 Supported establishment of J-CROSS
November Co-organized with JAFSA a focus seminar on “Innovative Approach to Promote Study-Abroad to College Students”
December JAOS 20th Anniversary Forum/Reception was held.
2012 April Conducted study session for Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Policy Department Provided instructors to High School Study-Abroad Fair organized by Educational Commission of Tokyo
2013 Granted funding by Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry to manage Global-ACE project which promotes the globalization of young workforce
2014 Re-granted government funding for Global-ACE